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Jimmy Paul

Editorial Hairdresser
Dec 15, 2020

I love H.E.H wigs!

I love HEH wigs.

The absolute best quality hair I have ever worked with. I have had some great successes using HEH wigs.I am very grateful to Jackie Yu for introducing me to them!

Mark Williamson

Editorial Hairstylist and Makeup Artist
May 6, 2021

The Best in the Business

As an editorial stylist I’ve worked with many wigs and hair pieces for fashion magazines my entire life. But never have I come across such quality and craftsmanship that House of European Hair products provide. Their hair is a dream to work with – the best in the business!

Ricky Kenig

Beauty Consultant & Founder, NYC beauty supply store Ricky’s
Jul 18, 2021

The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair!

I would turn customers with thinning hair looking for natural volume to House of European hair. European locks tend to be thinner than Indian or Brazilian, making it a better match for the more fine-haired among us. Indian and Brazilian hair is also naturally dark, and therefore requires lots of processing to get to blonde, which is why House of European Hair is also a good option for users with lighter hair (less processing is involved in their blonde color range).

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Marianella Dirodis

Aesthetician, CLT, MA
Aug 10, 2021

Head and shoulders above any other hair vendor we use

House of European Hair is head and shoulders above any other hair vendor we use.

This is a very tough time with trying to get orders for everyone, but these guys at least get back to you, they tell you truth concerning hair order ETA’s and do everything in their power to expedite production and shipping to meet our client needs. They provide a great quality product and superior customer service when my other vendors can’t or won’t even call me back when they say they will. Jackie and his staff (especially Nancy) are just a phone call away and yes…they actually answer their phone and if you have to leave a voice message they always get back to you before the end of the day. Five very well deserved stars!!!

Nelson Chan

Owner of: Nelson J Salon– Beverly Hills, CA
Oct 28, 2020

Celebrity Stylists Need This Hair

I only recommend to my clients hair extensions and wigs from Hairart. Especially when the celebrities have their hair style consistently on set. High quality hair makes a huge difference!

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