Susan Sil Stay Petite HEH Human Hair Wig

Susan Sil Active

Susan Sil Active for Total Hair Loss

Hand-Tied Silk Top with Silicone Base

Susan Sil-Active offers comfort and security. The Hand-Tied Silk Top and Lace Front have an ultra natural appearance, and medical grade silicone grips to stay on without worry if you have total hair loss or alopecia. The front hair can be styled in any direction.

Silicone along the front, sides and center back help the cap grip to the scalp even during activities. This cap is an excellent option for women with partial or total hair loss who live an active lifestyle.


HEH Wigs Feature the Following:

  • 100% Premium European hair or 100% Remy hair
  • (Depends on wig / hair length)

  • 100% Hand-Tied on some
  • Hidden Knots on some
  • Cap designed for maximum comfort
  • Hair cuticle intact to keep the integrity of the hair
  • High quality wigs customizable to your desired style
  • Color, balayage, root, perm to customize




Susan Sil-Active

Available in 3 sizes: M, S, XS

MEDIUM CAP: (Average)
Circumference: 21″ (53.3 Cm)
Front To Nape: 13 1/4″ (33.6 Cm)
Ear-Crown-Ear: 12 1/4″ (31.1 Cm)
Ear-Front-Ear: 11 5/8″ (29.5 Cm)
Temple-Back-Temple: 15″ (38.1cm)

SMALL CAP: (Petite/Adult)
Circumference: 20 1/2″ (52.1 Cm)
Front To Nape: 12 3/4″ (32.4 Cm)
Ear-Crown-Ear: 11 3/4″ (29.8 Cm)
Ear-Front-Ear: 11 1/2″ (29.2 Cm)
Temple-Back-Temple: 14 3/4″ (37.5 Cm)

EXTRA SMALL CAP: (Petite/Adult)
Circumference: 19 3/4″ (50.2 Cm)
Front To Nape: 12″ (30.5 Cm)
Ear-Crown-Ear: 11 5/8″ (29.5 Cm)
Ear-Front-Ear: 10 5/8″ (27 Cm)
Temple-Back-Temple: 14 1/2″ (36.8 Cm)

*Cap set ring available upon request

Susan Silicone Active Wig Cap

Susan Sil-Active Wig Cap

Hand-Tied Silk Top w/ Silicone Base
A. Silk Top – Located at cap front and top
B Lace – Along the crown and sides
C. Silicone – Throughout the front, sides and center back
D. Elastic Ear Band – Behind the ear
E. Silicone V-Stay – Sewn at the sides of the cap
F. Lace Front- Around the front edge



Contact us for additional custom color costs


100% Human Hair Susan Sil-Active , Why the Pros choose us.

HEH has a huge stock of first quality human hair and one of the largest European hair stock all based here in California. We have only the best 100% human hair in European, virgin European, and Remy hair and are one of the only wigmakers who can make human gray wigs. Read more about the hair that makes our wigs loved by professionals world-wide.



  • Cap Construction: Hand-Tied Silk Top with Silicone Base
  • Hair Construction: Hand-Tied
  • Head Circumference: See wig size chart on this page
  • Length: Overall Length: 20” / Top: 12” / Nape: 12”
  • Style: Mid-back length with layers
  • Hair Part: Freestyle
  • Fiber: 100% Human
  • Texture: Straight
  • Color: Full range, see color chart for details
  • Fit: Silicone base
  • Density: Medium

These HairArt / HEH Accessories are a perfect fit with this wig;

To prolong your wig’s life, please use only professional HEH / HairArt wig products.

• Wig Stands
• Wig Brushes
• Wig Tools
• Human Hair Add-on Wraps for Wig Styling

IMPORTANT: Wigs begin with the wig cap. Choosing the correct wig with the cap correct for the wearer’s usage needs is the responsibility of the stylist / hair professional. We are happy to train hair Pros in wig cap / topper base knowledge.

Depending on the cap type, how you’re wearing the wig, and what level of hair you have underneath, how you need to prep the base will be different.

• If you have total hair loss due to alopecia or other conditions and are wearing a silicone base top, those wigs can be worn without wig cap liners.
• If you have partial hair loss, make sure you’re buying wigs / recommending the right wig cap / wig for comfort and ease of wear.
• If you have a full head of hair, braid hair and pin under a wig cap liner and adjust wig or affix wig combs properly.

Are you a stylist, salon, or hair replacement center? We give special education to make sure you maximize your wig related knowledge so you can provide professional level education to your clients. This is an in-depth specialty field and we’re happy to empower you to be able to best serve your clients.

Here are some basics:

Q1. How Do I Measure Wig Length?

Please see our detailed wig length measuring instructions here.

Q2. What’s the difference between a wig and a topper?

Please see our wig terminology page here.

Q3. What are the differences in types of wig caps?

Please see our wig cap info page here.

Q4. What are the differences in types of human hair?

Please see our ‘hair story’ here.

IMPORTANT!  If you are wearing a H.E.H. wig, make sure to get detailed wig care instructions SPECIFIC to your wig from your stylist or the wig shop, they’re the only ones who know what styling, processing, and color treatments have been done to your piece and are responsible for your wig maintenance instructions!

General tips and instructions for human hair wig care:

Your human hair wig is an investment. Not only do you need to treat the hair specially, but make sure you don’t damage the wig cap, lining, weft, or other parts of the wig.

  • Use cool / lukewarm water, ask for shampoo recommendations from wig pros
  • Condition after washing using only products recommended by licensed professionals
  • Towel dry, don’t rub or pull, please pat dry
  • Air drying is best, but heat styling and blow-drying is possible pending advice from your wig pro
  • Brush the wig using a HairArt wig brush; Gently brush from the ends of the hair moving towards the top and be careful when coming close to the lace to avoid tearing
  • Use a heat protectant product prior to using any hot tools on the unit
  • Deep condition the unit when extra care is needed, consult with a wig pro about type and method.



To prolong your wig’s life, please use only professional HEH / HairArt wig products.

• Wig Stands
• Wig Brushes
• Wig Tools
• Human Hair Add-on Wraps for Wig Styling

Learn more about styling and customizing our wigs!
Education and tips for Pros, by pros.


Length: 20” / Top: 12” / Nape: 12” / Weight: 6.8oz.

Susan, one of our most popular wigs, is the perfect length and weight and style to make into exactly the hair you want to have.

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