Full mono (monofilament) wigs, gorgeous, comfortable, long-wearing, natural.

Full mono top wig


Mono or 'monofilament' wigs are top quality, natural wearing wigs.
Mono caps are constructed with a thin mesh nylon / poly material called monofilament fabric.

Mass-produced and lower cost wig caps are made with several rows of “wefts” layered then sewn to create a wig base of hair.
Wefts are pieces of material with hair attached ..

Monofilament wigs use a new approach to making caps: monofilament fabric allows for very precise ventilation of hair into the wig cap one hair (or a few hairs) at a time.

Because this method is closer to how real hair grows into your head, it's a natural luxe real look especially when paired with 100% human hair

A typical monofilament wig is of much higher quality than a standard cap wig, and often results in a more natural look, depending on the hairstyle desired. In the wig industry, monofilament wigs have been steadily growing in popularity for many years.

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