HEH wigs are all natural human hair, and each of these three types of 100% human hair wigs can give you maximum glamour.

Virgin European Hair, European Hair, and Remy Hair for extra long wigs and extensions. All have cuticles, all are small-batch human hair you can style and color like your own.

In different cap types and sizes, we'll give you a gorgeous, natural hairline. See for yourself why these are some of our most popular women's wigs for an instant make-over, for an event, or to just give you a huge boost of confidence in your new shiny fabulous 100% human hair look.

These wigs come unstyled, and you, a trained hair professional, can style, perm, balayage, low-light, root or lift to help you get the perfect look that EXACTLY suits your client's wig needs. We have the hair you need, now.

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