Jenny Remy Topper

Triple-Layer French Top 

Jenny is one of our most sophisticated top pieces. The long, lustrous hair is made with our softest 18 inch premium Remy hair for shine and movement and gorgeous wearablity.


Hair toppers and hair pieces are a quick, comfortable solution to quickly covering up partial hair-loss and thinning hair.  They can also be used to cover roots and regrowth, and switch up styles without committing to a hair cut.

HEH hair toppers come in 100% human hair, so they can be textured, colored. lifted, and balayaged to compliment your base hair.  With a variety of bases, these can be taped, clipped, or bonded for ease of use.

Doris Silk - Double Layer Silk Top with Polyurethane Sections

Available in 2 sizes: M, L

Perfect for bonding or taping

5” x 6” (M)

6” x 7.5” (L)

Jenny Triple -Layer French Top with Polyurethane

Jenny Triple -Layer French Top w/ Polyurethane

A. French Top – Top of cap w/ 5 clips around the unit
B. Polyurethane – Located in a 1″ strip around the front, sides and back
C. Lace- Along the back
D. 1/8″ Lace Front- Edge of front cap

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