HEH Hair Toppers: 100% Soft, Natural Human Hair



Hair toppers or hair top pieces, what are they and who needs them?

People with thinning hair, patchy hair, and root regrowth all love toppers because they’re a simple light wearable alternative to full-head wigs.

Hair toppers work wonders for anyone with thinning hair or women with hair loss who still have some hair because there are several different ways they can be attached to the scalp.

Also, there are different style hair toppers for different goals; Do you need volume? Length? Just want a new style? Need to cover bald spots? We have the perfect topper in 100% human hair, generally European or virgin unprocessed European hair for a perfect match.

How does a hair topper work?

Toppers can be bonded on and perfectly customized by professional stylists. Some clip on to existing hair.

Bonding lasts longer, is more secure, and DOESN’T require shaving your existing hair, let us train you how to become a hair replacement specialist using these little miracle ‘wiglettes’.

Check out our line up and contact us for more information.

We’ll help you carry our line, or to help you find the perfect stylists in your local are to help you get your perfect hair piece for your peace of hair mind..

Clip-in / Tape-on / Bonded: Add Volume, Change Styles, or Add Length

See our Toppers in Action!

Our salons and shops have created some great videos content that show what both clip-in and bonded toppers can look like on clients with alopecia and thinning hair.

See the amazing before and afters on our Facebook Toppers channel.

Whether for volume, thinning hair, changing styles, or medical hair loss, there's a perfect topper for you. 100% human hair, mostly ethically sourced European, these are a lasting investment in yourself. Wash, color, style just like you real hair for a perfect match.

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