Weft human hair extensions

HEH Weft Extensions

HEH Wefts
Hand tied wefts are the most natural option for extensions for adding fullness and length. Made from 100% Remy & European human hair, they blend seamlessly to your hair texture. They can also be washed, dyed, straightened and curled with heating tools, to help achieve your client’s hair goals.

The application is minimal. The systems are hand-sewn with a thin, barely detectable weft. The weft is so thin and flexible, hair can be comfortably worn up. They also don’t require any glue, heat or tape.

For maintenance, they will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks, depending on hair growth. The hair can last up to 12 months if properly cared for with appropriate brushing and use of correct shampoo/conditioner/styling products & tools. Oil based products can also be used.

Available in the following overall lengths:14”, 18”, 22” lengths
Each individual weft is 11.8” wide
Available in all colors from our Color Ring including all Piano Colors.
Not recommended for thin hair, or women experiencing hair loss, as it might not support weight.

The wefts should not be cut. This will cause them to unravel. If the weft is too long, it can be folded over.

  • European hair: 14” length, 10 pcs per pack, 114 Grams
  • European hair can be bleached and permed.  It doesn’t require the same processing as naturally dark hair so it will remain shiny and healthy.


  • Remy hair: 18” length, 8 pcs per pack, 114 Grams
  • Remy hair: 22” length, 6 pcs per pack, 114 Grams
    Remy hair can deposit color, but should not be bleached or permed.

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