European Blonde Hair

not all blondes are created equal!

European & Virgin European Hair

What’s the H.E.H. blonde hair difference?


Making our men’s and women’s wigs, toppers, extensions and hair systems starts with the raw hair; how we get the HEH blonde hair we use to best match your real blonde hair.

HEH searches around the world to get the highest quality European human hair with cuticles intact, that starts as the purest, most natural real blonde hair. Not lifted or dyed black or dark brown hair, but soft, natural, real blondes.

And we keep a huge inventory of fresh blondes here in California.  Many of our wigs, men’s hair pieces, and extensions are virgin  European blonde which means it’s unprocessed and unlifted, natural hair, perfect for coloring, processing, lifting, and styling any way you want with limited damage unlike almost all other non-European hair.

And how does that reflect in the end product?

No more dried out, over-processed brittle blondes for you, we give you back the soft, silky healthy hair you once had. Shine, bounce, brilliance; that’s the HEH blonde difference, and we’ve got in all here in our California warehouse.

Be your best you with 100% natural blonde hair.

Other brands don’t use natural blonde hair for their human hair pieces. Natural black or natural brown hair needs to undergo several chemical processes to achieve a light brown to light blonde tones. Those processes strip the natural protective layer of the hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

100% human hair! Natural blonde hair that starts out blonde, stays blonde and doesn’t need dying or processing. A natural blonde with the natural shine and softness of human hair is what you will get from HEH.

Silver Foxes

100% human gray hair

HEH is famous for one other type of hair; actual human gray.

Most gray and salt-and-pepper wigs and men’s hair pieces are made from synthetic (plastic) hair.

Even realistic synthetic wigs look, feel, and style like plastic, so it’s impossible to get a real natural look when  choosing the gray that works well with your base color. Synthetic hair frizzes easily, is hard to style, and looks shiny and fake, because it is.

That’s why we create our gray wigs and pieces with 100% human gray.

How we source our grays

Our ventilators (the people who hand weave human hair into caps) take the human hair from an individual source and carefully pick out the gray hairs from the bunch and set them aside to create out gray hair mixes.

HEH Human Gray

We have a variety of percentages of grays to choose from. All natural, human, finest quality. Be your best you. Choose the natural choice, real human hair.

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